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  • Yangjaecheon Stream (양재천)

    The Yangjaecheon Stream is an essential spot for anyone who wants to breathe in the city‘s autumnal beauty. Both sides of the stream are lined with nicely paved walkways, most of which are covered in a soft, ergonomic layer of padding to lessen the shock on walkers‘ joints.

    Trees around no matter where you walk, which means lovely foliage everywhere. The stream originates in Mt. Gwanaksan and flows through the Gwacheon-gu and southern Gangnam-gu districts before joining Tancheon Stream, which stretches all down to Bundang. The paths that run from Dogok-dong to Daechi-dong are the official walkways of Yangjaecheon Stream. At night, the trees and the streetlights make it quite the date spot, and the bike trails that stretch all the way from Gwacheon to Gangnam are ideal.
  • Yangjae Citizens' Park (양재 시민의 숲)

    Yangjae Citizen‘s Forest nearby has over 70 different species of trees scattered around its massive premises. An interesting feature is the ”acupuncture path,” a walkway featuring strategically placed stones that are supposed to activate certain pressure points on your feet and relieve pain. Visitors can wash their feet in a man-made stream afterwards. The forest park also has several basketball courts and open fields for the athletic types.
  • COEX Mall (코엑스몰)

    Recently added to the list of Seoul’s landmarks, COEX Mall has been the heart of international conventions. Now the mall is entering a new era on a larger scale, equipped with assorted cultural facilities that are sure to please everyone’s taste. After twenty months of renovation, it has been turned into more than just an art and exhibition hall; it has created a multi-layered concept of shopping, tourism and entertainment, dubbed a “culture platform.”

    The venue’s foot traffic now has a more optimized flow and is set to offer a refreshing cultural experience for shoppers who frequent the Gangnam area.

    Establishing itself as Gangnam’s top shopping mecca, COEX Mall extends itself more to fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle brands that meet the global standard. It is also conveniently connected to the nearest major transportation hubs City Airport Terminal and Samseong Subway Station, as well as InterContinental Hotel, Hyundai Department Store, ASEM Tower, COEX Artium, and more.
  • Bongeunsa Temple (Seoul) (봉은사 (서울))

    Once known as Gyeonseongsa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple is located to the north of COEX building, and was constructed in the 10th year of Silla King Weongseong’s reign (794). In 1498, Queen Jeonghyeon refurbished Gyeonseongsa Temple at the east of King Seongjong’s royal mausoleum and renamed the temple as Bongeunsa.

    Originally located near the royal maulsoleum (1km southwest), the temple was transferred to its current location during Joseon King Myeongjong’s reign. 3,479 Buddhist scriptures of 13 types, including the works of Kim Jeong-hee, are stored here. The Buddhist ceremony called Jeongdaebulsa, is held every September 9th of the lunar calendar, where monks march carrying the scriptures on their heads and recite the Beopseongge (Buddhist rites).