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An extensive technical exhibition will take place alongside the congress from October 26-28, 2016.

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Place Crystal Ballroom
(Convention Center, 3F)
Grand Ballroom Lobby
(Convention Center, 2F)
Four Seasons & Lobby (Convention Center, 1F) & Geumkang Hall Lobby (Avenue, 2F) Four Seasons & Lobby (Convention Center, 1F) & Geumkang Hall Lobby (Avenue, 2F)
Hours of Operation Oct. 26 (Wed.) 17:00~
Oct. 28 (Fri.) 16:30
Oct. 27 (Thu.) 08:00~
Oct. 28 (Fri.) 16:30
Oct. 27 (Thu.) 08:00~
Oct. 28 (Fri.) 16:30
Oct. 27 (Thu.) 08:00~
Oct. 28 (Fri.) 16:30

Exhibition Layout

3F (Convention Center)
2F (Convention Center)
1F (Convention Center)
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E Education Workshop  P Display Product
Roche Diagnostics Korea Co., Ltd. Booth# Crystal B (Convention Center 3F) EP
Roche Workshop
October 28 (Fri.), 13:00~14:00, Grand Ballroom A (Convention Center 2F)
Address Teheranro 108-gil 22, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-502, Korea
Telephone +82-2-550-1234 Fax +82-2-550-1215
Website www.roche-diagnostics.co.kr E-mail korea.diagnostics@roche.com
Roche Diagnostics Korea is a local affiliate of Diagnostics Division at Roche, a global healthcare group based in Basel.  It has provided innovative diagnostics solutions and services for testing bloods and body fluids & tissues, contributing to early detection, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease. Roche Diagnostics is the world leader in in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and a frontrunner in diabetes management. Roche is a pioneer of Personalized Healthcare and it aims at providing medicines and diagnostic tools that enable tangible improvements in the health, quality of life and survival of patients.
Product Highlights

cobas® connection modules (CCM)

Roche introduces cobas® connection modules (CCM) to provide customers the ability to connect to the Roche standalone automation portfolio directly to Roche analytics without compromising the flexibility of the standalone automation concept.
Based on its design, this high-volume automation solution adds value to a laboratory environment by providing convenient sample loading, quality and quantity checks, workflow flexibility and multidisciplinary connectivity, such as hematology, coagulation and the first IVD vendor to connect molecular testing solutions validated for cross-contamination compliance.
With more than 200 CCM solutions shipped worldwide in just two years, CCM has demonstrated the market’s demand for a fast, accurate and flexible automation solution in the high-volume environment.

cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series

The cobas 6500 urine analyzer series provides a fully automated solution on a modular platform for laboratories with highly efficient workflow (up to 240 samples/hour with test strip analysis, up to 116 samples/hour with microscopy analysis)
Modular design means it can be installed as a stand-alone urine analyzer, as a stand-alone microscopy analyzer or together as a fully automated urine work area solution

cobas p 312 pre-analytical System

cobas p 312 pre-analytical is a standalone solution offering maximum efficiency with minimal space requirements. In less than 1 m2, cobas p 312 can be used for decapping, sorting and archiving IVD test tubes
May be used to automate and simplify processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks. This compact standalone solution is validated for cross-contamination compliance

cobas c 513 analyzer

cobas c 513 analyzer is dedicated high throughput HbA1c analyzer designed to meet efficiency, throughput and accuracy needs for HbA1c laboratory testing
And it provides fully automated and highly efficient workflow by delivering up to 400 patient results per hour

cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series

cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series are serum work area solution designed for high workload laboratories, enabling a throughput of 2,5 to 15 million tests per year or 2,000 to 10,000 samples per day
Consists of up to 4 modules and is expandable on-site
Combinations of modules offer more than 100 configurations to tailor solutions to individual laboratory needs
Innovative design elements - such as intelligent sample routing with fast transportation and return lines, independent processing lines within each module and a unique reagent cassette concept - add real value in high workload laboratories

cobas® 4800 System

Roche launches new fully automated molecular diagnostics systems.
With cobas® 4800 System delivers flexibility to manage daily workflow and varying throughput demands. It offers walk-away sample preparation, plus advanced real-time PCR amplification and detection technology.
cobas® 4800 System is designed to evolve with the changing needs of the lab, providing an automated, flexible, and easily configurable platform to meet workflow and throughput demands. With the addition of Virology assays on cobas® 4800 System a new era will begin which will allow for more freedom to explore.
Siemens Healthcare Ltd. Booth# Crystal A (Convention Center 3F) EP
Siemens Workshop
October 27 (Thur.), 16:40~17:40, Grand Ballroom A (Convention Center 2F)
Address 6F, Poongsan Bldg. 23, Chungjeong-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 120-837, Korea
Telephone +82-2-3450-7880 Fax +82-2-3450-7879
Website www.siemens.co.kr/healthcare E-mail bora.kim@siemens.com
The Siemens Healthcare is one of the world's largest suppliers to the healthcare industry and a trendsetter in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology. Siemens offers its customers products and solutions for the entire range of patient care from a single source – from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, and on to treatment and aftercare. By optimizing clinical workflows for the most common diseases, Siemens also makes healthcare faster, better and more cost-effective. Siemens Healthcare employs approximately 52,000 employees worldwide and operates around the world. For further information please visit: www.siemens.com/healthcare
Product Highlights

Immulite 2000 XPi

The highly reliable IMMULITE® 2000 XPi system is easy to use and has one of the largest automated immunoassay menus available. Medium- to high-volume laboratories can incorporate specialty and allergy testing into routine workloads to improve productivity and efficiency.
- Customized automated startup for daily routine maintenance and quality control scheduling
- Reagent onboard stability of 90 days
- Tube-top sample cups for micro-sample handling
- Home screens with at-a-glance status on a 19 inch touch screen monitor
- Options available for direct water feed and bulk solid waste chute
- Siemens Automation solutions available through VersaCell® Systems

Rapid Point 500

Designed to meet the challenges of point-of-care settings, RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas Systems leverage proven Siemens technology to deliver fast, accurate and comprehensive test results in approximately 60 seconds. These flexible, easy-to-use analyzers help free your clinicians to focus on improved patient care without reliability or maintenance worries.
- Test blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, lactate and full CO-oximetry including neonatal total bilirubin (nBili) and total hemoglobin (tHb)
- Multiple sample types including whole blood (arterial and venous), pleural fluid and dialysate*
- Intuitive touch-screen interface and integrated bar-code reader—just scan, insert, and analyze with results in approximately 60 seconds
- Bio-safe hands-free automatic sampling with clot detection and clot management
- Maintenance-free, cartridge-based system incorporates automatic QC to help assure quality
- Connectivity to LIS/HIS link with optional remote monitoring and control via the RAPIDComm® Data Management System

The Stratus® CS 200

The Stratus® CS 200 for acute care diagnostics provides quantitative cardiac assays for fast, accurate evaluation of patients presenting with suspected myocardial ischemia. Its efficiency and ease of use make it ideal for both point-of-care testing and lab applications.
- Easy to use and ideal for all skill levels
- Full cardiac menu including guideline acceptable troponin I and D-dimer (with pulmonary embolism exclusion)* assays
- Results in as little as 14 minutes
- Use in the acute care setting to decrease turnaround time, patient length of stay, and total patient costs
Abbott Korea Booth# 2-8 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 02 (Abbott Korea)
October 27 (Thur.), 12:00~13:00, Grand Ballroom A (Convention Center 2F)
Address 7F, SamTan Bldg. 421, YoungDong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06182, Korea
Telephone +82-2-3429-3500 Fax +82-2-3429-3772
Website http://www.abbott.com E-mail suhwan.kim@abbott.com
We find out about our mission to make better health possible for humankind. Our heritage has discovered 125-year history of innovation and takes a look at the road ahead. Our diverse businesses enable us to offer vast solutions to people worldwide during every stage of life and enable them to live not just longer but better. Our success and that of the communities we serve are intertwined. Find out how we work to realize our shared potential.
Product Highlights


The ACCELERATOR p540 automates primary tube accessioning, decapping, aliquoting, sorting and centrifugation improving workflow efficiency for labs limited by space or budget. Two dedicated sorting areas deliver maximum flexibility – Aliquoter module sorts up to 1,000 tubes/hour and Sorting module sorts up to up to 500 tubes/hour.


The ACCELERATOR a3600 is a total laboratory automation system, designed to meet the challenges of clinical laboratories, both today and in the future. The ACCELERATOR a3600 combines configuration flexibility, scalability and advanced analytical performance, ensuring the unique needs of your laboratory are met. Automation maximizes lab performance by easily and efficiently managing fluctuations in your daily workload. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, the ACCELERATOR a3600 provides a customized automation solution that optimizes performance and quality, ensuring your laboratory services operate at maximum efficiency.
Alere Healthcare, Inc. Booth# 2-9 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 07 (Alere Healthcare, Inc.)
October 28 (Fri.), 12:00~13:00, Grand Ballroom A (Convention Center 2F)
Address SPG Bldg. 5F, 166 Jeongjail-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-867, Korea
Telephone +82-31-8014-6700 Fax +82-31-8014-6799
Website alere.com E-mail alerehealthcare@alere.com
Knowing now matters.™ Alere delivers reliable and actionable information through rapid diagnostic tests, resulting in better clinical and economic healthcare outcomes globally. Our innovative diagnostics deliver reliable and actionable information, resulting in better clinical and economic healthcare outcomes globally. Our socially-conscious business approach focuses on creating breakthrough, cost-effective diagnostic solutions that address the most intractable diseases for all populations in all corners of the world including infectious disease, cardiometabolic disease and toxicology. Alere is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that patients and providers can rely on for consistently accurate and actionable information. We deploy unique innovative technologies that not only transform diagnostic products, but also expand into new platforms and solutions with proven health and economic outcomes.
Product Highlights

Capillarys 3 Tera (Sebia)

CAPILLARYS 3 TERA is a unique and exclusive automation program for HbA1c assay, offers the enhanced throughput of a 12 capillaries system, lateral access for a tube loader or a workcell configuration, and a platform to process dry blood spot assays.

epoc® System (Alere)

The epoc® System is a handheld, wireless solution that provides blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite results at the patient’s bedside in approximately 30 seconds after sample introduction.

Triage® MeterPro (Alere)

The Alere Triage® MeterPro is a high-performance, comprehensive testing platform for use in the laboratory or at the point of care, and is the trusted choice of hospitals and physician offices worldwide. The comprehensive test menu includes cardiovascular and toxicology assays

AlereTM i (Alere)

Alere™ i Influenza A&B is significantly faster than other molecular methods and more accurate than conventional rapid testing, giving you the confidence to make effective patient management decisions sooner.
Beckman Coulter Korea Ltd. Booth# 2-5 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 05 (Beckman Coulter Korea Ltd.)
October 27 (Thur.), 12:00~13:00, Hankang Hall (Avenue 1F)
Address 3rd Floor, Suseo Office Building 281, Gwangpyeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-884, Korea
Telephone +82-2-6420-3100 Fax +82-2-6420-3120
Website www.beckmancoulter.com E-mail
Beckman Coulter develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex diagnostic test. For more than 80 years, Beckman Coulter has been working with every customer to deliver innovate, reliable and efficient Diagnostic Solution for patients across the globe. And Beckman Coulter Korea delivers various workflow-efficient and clinical-effective solutions of Lab Automation, Chemistry, Immunoassay, Hematology, Microbiology and Urinalysis to move healthcare forward.
Product Highlights

The DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System

DxN VERIS enhances laboratory productivity through a simplified, flexible workflow and true single sample random access. It’s the ultimate in ease of use, so you choose how to best optimize your team to do the work you want, when you want — you decide.

Revolutionary workflow: 4 steps from sample to result
The DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System delivers a simplified workflow that combines all the sample DNA extraction, purification, assays set up and analysis in one single 4-step workflow saving time and preventing manipulation errors:
- Load samples onto rack
- Place on the DxN VERIS System
- Hit run
- Read results 70 min later (DNA) or 100 min later (RNA)

A paradigm shift in Molecular Diagnostics
Anchored around a set of core features that sets the DxN VERIS* platform apart from the competition, the system was designed to ensure your lab can run any sample, at any given time, and with minimal manual intervention through a series of unique features that save you time and money; while providing faster results for your patients.

Single Sample Random Access
Single sample random access simplifies your workflow and removes the need for batch processing. Individual samples can be loaded at any time without the need to reload other tests.

Unique Single Cartridge System
The unit dose cartridges have all the reagents needed for the extraction and purification of the DNA or RNA from the sample using a proprietary magnetic bead method. It includes a tip to handle the sample, minimizing potential contamination.

On-board Reagents and Consumables
All the reagents for nucleic acid extraction, purification and real-time PCR amplification and detection are stored on board with the needed consumables. Since all assays are refrigerated on board, each day you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Intuitive Workflow Management
Graphical touch-screen user interface gives you access to an interactive, customizable management system. The DxN VERIS closed system limits the potential for contamination, and the software enables QC trending and auto-verification.
HANDOK inc. Booth# 2-6 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 04 (HANDOK inc.)
October 27 (Thur.), 12:00~13:00, Geumkang Hall A (Avenue 2F)
Address 132 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-755, Korea
Telephone +82-2-527-5114 Fax +82-2-527-5004
Website www.handok.com E-mail Handok@handok.com
HANDOK, a leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical/health-care company in Korea, develops, manufactures and distributes healthcare solutions to improve the health and quality of human life. Handok has a core business focus in diabetes, cardiovascular, muscular skeletal, psychoneurotic disease, human vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics and consumer health. Handok, founded in 1954, grew as a joint venture with Hoechst/Aventis/Sanofi from 1964 to 2012. Handok has also established strategic collaborations in several areas with multiple multinational pharmaceutical companies.
Product Highlights

Bruker MALDI Biotyper System

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry for Fast, Accurate and Effective Microbial Identification
- Increased speed and confidence
- Broad application range
- Changing clinical microbiology
Classical biochemical techniques that detect different metabolic properties of microorganisms typically take hours or even days and often lack specificity. Using the MALDI Biotyper, you can go from sample to result within minutes.

Handok BAROzen H expert System

Hospital interface glucose meter that measures blood glucose using electrochemical method.
- Wi-Fi enabled device
- Short measurement time : 5 Sec
- Minimum sample volume : 0.4 µL
- Broad hematocrit range : 15~65 %
BAROzen H expert System can manage data systematically and easily. After equipped with cradle, the data is transmitted to the server automatically. You can use multiple communication mode to send the data.
Seegene Booth# 2-7 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 03 (Seegene)
October 27 (Thur.), 12:00~13:00, Grand Ballroom B (Convention Center 2F)
Address 91 Ogeum-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05548, Korea
Telephone 82-2-2240-4000 Fax 82-2-2240-4040
Website www.seegene.com E-mail korea@seegene.com
Seegene is the world's leading developer of multiplex molecular technologies and multiplex clinical molecular diagnostics (MDx). Seegene's core enabling technologies - DPO™, TOCE™ and MuDT™ - are the foundation for MDx tests that can simultaneously detect and quantitate multiple targets with high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. Seegene offers MDx tests in infectious diseases, genetics, pharmacogenetics, and oncology, and actively partners in the development of new tests and the improvement of the quality of healthcare utilizing its breakthrough multiplex molecular technologies.
Product Highlights

Nimbus IVD

Liquid handling workstation with automated NA extraction & PCR setup
- User friendly walk-away system: Full automation from extraction to PCR setup
- Applicable various specimens: Blood, Sputum, Swab, LBC, Stool, Urine, Aspirate
- Primary tube can be loaded directly
- 72 samples processed within 2.5 hrs
- Ready to use pre-filled reagents
- Applied products: HPV, STI, RV, RP, GI, Thrombosis, TB


Compact and easy to use Real-time PCR instrument
- Can be used in various assays - Quantification, Melt analysis, Genotyping
- Linkable to Seegene viewer Program for convenient interpretation
- Use LED light - Worry free from lifetime of instrument
- Possible to use up to 5 channels
- Provides accurate result without cross-talk among wells
Sysmex Korea Booth# 2-4 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 08 (Sysmex Korea)
October 28 (Fri.), 12:00~13:00, Grand Ballroom B (Convention Center 2F)
Address 3F, Seoul International Tower, 203, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06141, Korea
Telephone +82-2-3498-5300 Fax +82-2-3498-5312
Website www.sysmex.co.kr E-mail khjo@sysmex.co.kr
Sysmex Corporation is an integrated company, developing and manufacturing the instruments, reagents and software that are needed for in vitro diagnostics, along with the necessary sales and support networks. Serving customers for more than 40 years, Sysmex focuses on technological leadership in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and information that make a difference in the health of people worldwide. The company is also exploring emerging opportunities in the life science field. Its R&D efforts focus on the development of high-value-added testing and diagnostic technologies that are innovative, original and optimize individual health and personalized healthcare. Sysmex also seeks to leverage its state-of-the-art technologies for cell, gene and protein analysis.
Product Highlights


UN-Series is next step towards a fully automated urinalysis workflow solution. As designed modular concept, it can combine with UF-5000/4000 (Automated Urine Sediment Analyzer), UC-3500(Automated Urine Chemistry analyzer) and UD-10 (Urine Particles Digital Imaging device) depend on customer needs. UN-Series can select customer’s own solution to set up the workflow as customer needs.


HISCL-5000 was born with potential required to enhance efficacy and provide higher added value, which respond to diverse laboratory needs as the medical environment changes.
Quick measurement in 17 minutes in reaction time enabling TAT to be shortened, high sensitivity / wide-range measurement to provide accurate test data as well as to reduce oversight and/or re-test, very small amount of specimen of 10-30 μL/test enabling samples for re-test to be secured and more tests to be carried out in a child sample, and excellent usability including the continuous loading system enabling 24-hour operation as well as the substantial user interface demonstrating those capabilities to the utmost have been realized. The further evolved real continuous system, HISCL-5000, is an automated immunoassay system meets forefront needs by the laboratories.
BD Booth# 2-3 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 09 (BD)
October 28 (Fri.), 12:00~13:00, Geumkang Hall A (Avenue 2F)
Address Im sung Bldg. NonHyeonro 64-gil 4, Gangnamgu, Seoul, 06231, Korea
Telephone +82-2-3404-3700 Fax +82-2-3404-3785
Website www.bd.com E-mail
BD is a leading global medical technology company that develops, manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents. The Company is dedicated to improving people's health throughout the world. BD is focused on improving drug delivery, enhancing the quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases and cancers, and advancing research, discovery and production of new drugs and vaccines. BD's capabilities are instrumental in combating many of the world's most pressing diseases. Founded in 1897 and headquartered in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, BD employs nearly 30,000 associates in more than 50 countries throughout the world. The Company serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public.
Product Highlights

BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes

Quality Results Begin with a Quality Specimen
BD, Inventor of the BD Vacutainer® System, is the worldwide leader and inventor of evacuated blood collection tubes. We support our products with extensive clinical expertise and educational materials to help you achieve the best possible results. Only BD provides a full offering of BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes in both glass and plastic. BD Vacutainer® Plus Plastic Tubes offer a safe method of blood collection. They also reduce the potential for tube breakage and specimen spillage, thereby reducing the potential for exposure to blood borne pathogens.

BD Kiesra™ TLA(Total Lab Automation) for microbiology lab

The BD Kiestra TLA offers total microbiology lab automation that maximizes throughput and staff efficiency to reduce turnaround time and deliver accurate results. Modular and flexible with integrated workbenches, the TLA can be configured to meet the unique space and capacity requirements of your lab


Cell analyzer with proven reliability and high-quality results supporting up to 10 parameters.
Built on more than 30 years of BD experience and leadership in flow cytometry and multicolor analysis, the BD FACSCanto™ flow cytometry system delivers reliable performance, accuracy, and ease-of-use for today’s busy clinical laboratories. To further expand your lab’s best-in-class clinical diagnostic services, the BD FACSCanto system has 10-color capability. Optical enhancements and a 4-3-3 configuration deliver high sensitivity and resolution for accurate results.
biosewoom Booth# 2-10 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 10 (BioSewoom)
October 28 (Fri.), 12:00~13:00, Hankang Hall (Avenue 1F)
Address Wooyoung Techno Center 2F, 144, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04783, Korea
Telephone +82-2-498-2340 Fax +82-2-498-1189
Website www.biosewoom.com E-mail
Biosewoom is the leading company in the development of viral loads in routine diagnostic viruses, HBV, HCV, CMV, EBV, BK… And provide a broad range of kits by real time per, and pcr ssp, sbt for HLA kits. Biosewoom has quality assurance system for the activities of manufacturing, for in vitro diagnostic reagents for the Field for real time pcr reagents with the requirements of the international standards, Biosewoom is committed to take a new leap through the development of continuous investment in R&D of new Products using up to date technology. Attentive to the needs of clinical diagnostics, all our products are offered with a commitment of High Quality and Service.
Product Highlights


Fully Automated Extraction
- Walk-away system
High Throughput
- 48 Specimens at single run in 10min.
Pre-filled Cartridge type of Reagent
- 1/8/24 samples
- No need to change format regardless sample size
User Interface
- Easy to operate with minimum training
- Pre-programmed and User defined Protocol
- 7” touch screen
- UV to avoid cross contamination
- Door sensor for user protection
Compact Size
-364mm(W) X 386mm(H) X 420mm(D)
- 25Kg
Greencross Medical Science Corp. Booth# 2-1 (Convention Center 2F) E
Education Workshop 01 (Greencross Medical Science Corp.)
October 27 (Thur.), 08:00~09:00, Grand Ballroom A (Convention Center 2F)
Address (16924) 107 30 Beon-gil, Yiheon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (Bojeong-dong) Green Cross
Telephone +082-31- 260-9300 Fax
Website www.greencrossms.com E-mail
Since 1972 when the first blood grouping reagent was introduced to market, our company has developed and distributed a variety of sophisticated reagents to medical institutions at home and abroad. These include infectious diseases (HIV, HBV, HCV etc.) test reagents, and tumor marker and parasitological test reagents which require very advanced technologies. This the company to achieve impressive growth in the major areas of in vitro diagnosis, including clinical immunity, clinical chemistry, and diabetes diagnosis. The company also developed and introduced GENEDIA HIV 1/2 ELISA, an HIV/AIDS diagnostic reagent, for the first time in Korea in 1987 through long-term consistent R&D efforts as part of our commitment to promoting public health. Green Cross Medical Science was founded in 2004 as an independent corporation in a bid to diversity our business portfolio to medication equipment, and devices and other supplies in addition to the in vitro diagnosis business. Green Cross Medical Science has achieved annual growth of 20% or more in its relevant market, and more recently pushed ahead with upgrading diagnostic reagents based on real-time molecular reagents and specific recombination antibody forming technology. As such, Green Cross has made consistent efforts to develop and introduce market-oriented products under the motto “Open R&D/Innovation” while seeking to solidify its image as a ‘global player’ as we boost our effort to develop products targeting international markets around the world, including the US, Russia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and India.
LG Life Sciences Booth# 2-2 (Convention Center 2F) EP
Education Workshop 06 (LG Life Sciences)
October 28 (Fri.), 08:00~09:00, Grand Ballroom A (Convention Center 2F)
Address LG Gwanghwamun Bldg., 58, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03184, Korea
Telephone +82-80-023-5757 Fax +82-2-6924-3698
Website www.lgls.com E-mail lgivd@lgls.com
LG Life Science has been developing molecular diagnostics, immunodiagnostics and allergic diagnostic products, including Koreas' first hepatitis C diagnostic reagent, through ceaseless investment and R&D for the last 20 years to secure core competence in the In-Vitro Diagnostic business. We focus on finding the target materials needed for early diagnosis of diseases with excellent domestic and foreign research teams and strive to conduct research on original technology for the development of next-generation diagnostic techniques. Also, we push forward to lead the In-Vitro Diagnostic market from product development to production and marketing and actively invest for more prompt and exact diagnosis of circulatory diseases, which will be the focus area for treatment in the future, various cancers, allergies and adult diseases. We at LG Life Science will make continuous efforts to grow into the world's top brand in the diagnostic agents industry.
Product Highlights

Allostation Smart II
- Fully Automation Allergy Test System
- Inhalant 31, Food 31, Standard Common 31
AdvanSure Alloscreen
- Total IgE + 93 Allergen Test available
- 60 Strip Test

SLAN96 System
- 48well+48well Dual mode realtime PCR System
TB/NTM real-time PCR
RV real-time PCR
HBV real-time PCR
CD real-time PCR
VRE real-time PCR
ApoE real-me PCR
CT/NG real-time PCR

Smart Lab Assist-32
- 32 chanel DNA, RNA Extration System
Tanbead Blood DNA Prep
Tanbead HBV Prep
Tanbead RV Prep
ARKRAY, Inc Booth# A2-08 (Avenue 2F) P
Address 03996  5F, worldcup-ro 88, mapo-gu, seoul, KOREA
Telephone +82-2461-3613 Fax +82-2461-3615
Website www.arkray.co.kr E-mail sdlee@arkray.co.jp
ARKRAY, Inc. is focused on always providing new value to our customers and this is based on our founder’s drive for taking on challenges. This drive has been key over the years as we built up own, rare business style and maintained a comprehensive approach to the development, manufacture and distribution of the sample test devices, diagnostic reagents and diagnostic support tools needed for clinical testing.
Product Highlights

ADMAS A1c HA-8180V

Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer(HPLC) Easy maintenance - No need for pre-filter replacement Highly accurate measurement results 48 seconds per sample in Fast mod, 90 seconds in Variant mode measurements HbS/HbC separate, HbD/HbE detected

ADAMS A1c Lite HA-8380V

Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer(HPLC / compact size) Easy maintenance - No need for pre-filter replacement Highly accurate measurement results 100 seconds per sample in Fast mode, 160 seconds in Variant mode measurements HbS/HbC separate, HbD/HbE detected
bioMerieux KOREA Booth# C1-02 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 1st, 2nd,7th fl. YooSung Bldg., Yeoksam-dong, Yeoksam-ro 121, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06243, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2188-4700 Fax
Website www.biomerieux.co.kr E-mail
A world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for 50 years, bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (reagents, instruments, software and services) which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure product safety. We develop tests that bring high medical value for clinical decisions in the areas of infectious diseases, cardiovascular emergencies and targeted cancers. bioMérieux is determined to continue to play a pioneering role by innovating and designing the diagnostics of the future to address the major challenges for public health worldwide.
Product Highlights


The Walk Away Specimen Processor (WASP®) instrument is a fully automated system used to process microbiological specimens in liquid phase for the investigation of infectious microbes. The WASP® has been designed to work with the Liquid Based Microbiology (LBM) specimen collection and transport devices sup-plied by COPAN as well as many other specimen container types used to transport liquid specimens. To be installed in Microbiology Laboratory or Hospital Department.
Bioneer Booth# C1-14 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 8-11 Munpyeongseo-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, 34302, Korea
Telephone +82-42-930-8777 Fax +82-42-930-8600
Website www.bioneer.com E-mail sales@bioneer.com
Bioneer Corporation is Korea’s first and currently leading biotech company, established in 1992. To achieve our mission “To help people” with patented technology, we have developed state-of-the-art molecular biology products and full line-up of automatic instruments – including novel enzyme technologies, nucleic-acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time qPCR machine and MDx workstations.
Bio-Rad Booth# C1-15 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 10F, Hyunjuk Bldg.,114, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-936, Korea
Telephone +82-2-3473-4460 Fax +82-2-3472-7003
Website http://www.bio-rad.com E-mail Sales.Korea@bio-rad.com
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of innovative products and solutions for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. The company is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer service among university and research institutions, hospitals, public health and commercial laboratories, as well as the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food safety industries. Founded in 1952, Bio-Rad is based in Hercules, California, and serves more than 100,000 research and healthcare industry customers through its global network of operations.
Product Highlights


- IH-500 is a highly innovative instrument setting new standards in immunohematology testing.
- IH-500 combines functionality and design to satisfy the changing needs of a modern immunohematology laboratory.


D-100 system generates gold-standard HPLC results every 45 seconds with variant detection and no interference from common variants. The onboard Advisor provides consistent thorough review of every result, ensures nothing is missed while dramatically reducing hands-on time.
With over 30 years of experience in HPLC testing, Bio-Rad has developed the most advanced solution for A1c analysis. The D-100 system simplifies high throughput A1c testing without sacrificing the high quality results that are critical to patient care.
Contact your Bio-Rad representative for a look at the future of A1c testing, today.
EUROIMMUN (South East Asia) Pte.Ltd Booth# C1-16 (Convention Center 1F)
Address #1013, 800, Gukhoe-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07238, Korea (Yeouido-ding, Jinmi Paragon)
Telephone +82-70-4858-0491 Fax +82-2-6264-0491
Website www.euroimmun.com E-mail euroimmun@euroimmun.com.sg
EUROIMMUN KOREA, Inc., a subsidiary of EUROIMMUN, is a world leader in the field of medical diagnostics. EUROIMMUN established itself as an industry innovator with its unique IFA BIOCHIP Mosaic technology And has successfully introduced new technologies such as ELISA, Western & Immunoblot assays since its inception in 1987. The company’s global success is attributed to its strategic product development in which designer antigens, as well as patented and licensed technologies, play an important role. EUROIMMUN is consistently expanding its product offerings with new assays to aid in the detection of antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and allergy.
HANLAB CORPORATION Booth# C1-01 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 8, Osongsaengmyeong 5-ro, Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chngcheongbuk-do, 28161, Korea
Telephone +82-43-229-6200 Fax +82-43-229-6210
Website www.hanlab.co.kr E-mail hanlab@hanlab.co.kr
Actualized everyone’s dream, HANLAB CORPORATION HANLAB CORPORATION is a Korean representative company which researches, develops, manufactures and sells health & medical instrument. We succeeded the Automatic Balancing Centrifuge as the world’s first and uniqueness, based on experience and know-how of laboratory medicine over 20 years. At this moment, we are exporting the Automatic Balancing Centrifuge to 16 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The intelligent self-compensation mechanism made with higher level technology is protected by the patents of more than 10 countries including the United States. We also succeeded developing new Clinical Specimen Transfer and Classification System, Labmaster®LEPAS Series which has automated functions: Bulk load, transfer, identification, classification, stocker and centrifugation. It becomes to optimize human resource and TAT by the automated function. We are doing our best to develop innovative product by the oneness of higher level technology, know-how and challenge spirit that does not afraid to fail, and trying to accomplish customer impression as supreme quality beyond customer satisfaction. In addition, HANLAB CORPORATION will try to extend our business network to life science and senior-friendly business as well as laboratory medicine business
Product Highlights

Labmaster® ABC-CB200R+ / CB200RF

Centrifuge is an equipment to use in separation and enrichment of samples which are different specific gravity by using centrifugal force, and it is using variously at overall industry fields such as medical science, life science, physics, etc.
For centrifuge, the balancing of samples is very important due to rotating at high speed. Labmater® ABC-CB200R+(Bench-top type)/CB200RF(Floor-standing type) can make balance automatically through Inventive Self-compensation System and can separates more accurately.

Labmaster® RMS-S4

Labmaster® RMS-S4 is the Remote Monitoring System which can monitor and store the value of temperature and humidity in customer’s facility by wireless network. It can be used in various fields due to simple, scalable, cost effective and well serviced, and especially in hospital and laboratory, leads excellent research work by managing efficient data.
i-SENS, Inc. Booth# C1-03 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 43, Banpo-daero 28-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06646, Korea
Telephone +82-2-916-6191 Fax +82-2-942-2514
Website www.i-sens.com E-mail cs1@i-sens.com
From its start in 2000 in electrochemistry, i-SENS has successfully developed blood glucose monitoring systems, electrolyte and blood gas analyzers, and immunosensors and launched those products successfully in places from its home market in Korea to worldwide markets including the US, Japan, Europe and many others. i-SENS’ CareSens blood glucose monitoring system line, through its small sample size and quick test time, has been receiving recognition from its users for its high quality and ease-of-use. i-SENS now has the number 1 market share & manufacturing company of BGMS market in Korea in 2015 and leads the market through diversified strategy.
Product Highlights

i-Smart 300 Blood Gas Analyzer

i-Smart 300 System delivers gas in Blood(pCO2, pO2), pH, electrolyte(Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cl-) and Hematocrit through a small blood sample quickly and simply. Using the all-in-one cartridge, convenient and accurate blood gas analysis can be conducted. The analyzer is small so it can be installed anywhere for testing and end-users can easily use/operate through friendly GUI
- Reliable and Easy to Use
- Fast and Flexible
- Maintenance free

A1Care Analyzer

A1Care measures accurate and precise HbA1c concentration using enzyme reaction mechanism which is homogeneous reaction. It takes only 4 minutes 20 seconds to get HbA1C test results and requires small(2.5㎕) blood sample. All-in-one cartridge also facilitates simple preparation.
- Simple & Easy Preparation
- Fast & Reliable Result
- High Usability
JW Bioscience Booth# C1-11 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 2477, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06725, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2109-7853 Fax +82-2-852-1984
Website www.jw-bioscience.co.kr E-mail web@jw-bioscience.co.kr
JW Bioscience is leading the localization of medical devices in Korea We have localized a wide range of medical devices such as digital X-ray machines with state-of-the-art feature, LED surgical lights, incubators, operating tables and examination tables.
Also, we have acquired CE and ISO certifications in recognition of our excellent products and technologies, and have been spurring our efforts to expand into and firmly establish ourselves in the overseas markets.
Moreover, we manufacture and supply a wide variety of medical devices for the purpose of examining, treating and operating on patients including the diagnostic reagent equipment necessary for various examinations and diagnosis.
Product Highlights

Beckman Coulter iRICELL3000

Today’s Urinalysis Departments need both advanced technology and truly innovative strategies. That’s why Beckman Coulter offers IRIS, a complete urine testing solution. IRIS optimizes and advances urinalysis and body fluid testing through an advanced, propriety and proven technology called Digital Flow Morphology. Quality, Performance, Reliability and Functionality are the key benefits of IRIS’ testing solution. Using Digital Flow Morphology, IRIS empowers laboratories to accelerate delivery of accurate patient results, reduces unnecessary repeat testing and manual operator intervention. That’s workflow improvement your laboratory can count on.


- The device has two functions: collection of feces and analysis directly on the main clinical chemistry systems
- Standardized feces sampling
- Hemoglobin in the extraction buffer is stable for 14 days at 2-8 °C or 7 days at 15-30 °C.
- The size of the collection device renders it universally compatible with all automated analyzers
- Barcode on tube label for patient identification purposes
MEDISTAR Corp. Booth# C1-18 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 32, Baekjegobun-ro 36-gil, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, 05614, Korea
Telephone +82-2-419-4321 Fax +82-2-419-4331
Website www.medistar.co.kr E-mail medistar@chol.com
Established in April, 1999 with the name of Medistar Corp. and focused on in-vitro diagnostics market in Korea. Since we start of coagulation business in 1999, Medistar’s development has been driven by innovation with several partners in the world. Medistar has built up a local office for service from Daegu and Busan, Gwangju, Jeonju and now our controlled instruments are found in many hospitals. Today, Medistar delivering high-quality products and service, also we will continuously effort to decrease of cost for diagnostics for our end-users.
Product Highlights


BS-800 series are designed for modular system, Consists of up to 2 modules and each name is BS-800M, BS-800M2. It also can be combine with immunoassay analyzer which systems is SAL-6000. BS-800M will suggest of solution for high workload laboratories and high volume samples up to 500 samples or 600 samples per day. BS-800M was adopt to in-direct ISE systems for Na+, K+, Cl- and reagent bar-code for auto loading bottled exclusive reagent.
BS-800M can make convenience with rack type modular system to loading samples of component modular routine line and emergency line, also block to emergency state when break down of modular system with sample tray in BS-800 which is valuable machine for your laboratory.


iSED is auto ESR analyzer which use advanced rheology technology with micro-flow cell captures the critical kinetics of Red Blood Cells in a highly controlled testing environment. Utilizing a very small sample, 100 microliters, the iSED captures the impact of the most critical phase of the early-phase in the phenomenon of RBC sedimentation, the so called Rouleaux formation, to produce ESR results that are unaffected by the variables commonly associated with traditional ESR testing, such as mixing of the sample and temperature. Most importantly, iSED results are not affected by the hematocrit.
iSED can load 20samples at once and continuously load the sample can be processed, which can help laboratory operation and quick result out within 3minutes for each sample.
NGene Bio Booth# C1-04 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 1104, Hanhwa Bizmetro, 242, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone +82-2-867-9798 Fax +82-2-883-9784
Website www.ngenebio.com E-mail business@ngenebio.com
NGeneBio was founded in October 2015 as a joint venture between Genecurix and KT, develops in vitro diagnostics (IVD)/companion diagnostics (CDx) products, bioinformatics software (SW) and personal genomics products with cutting-of-edge technologies including next generation sequencing (NGS) platform.  NGeneBio recently launched NGS-based breast cancer test panel (BRCAaccuTestTM Panel, RUO) and lung cancer test panel (LUNGaccuTestTM Panel, RUO), inclusive of fully-functioning data analysis SW, which has been developed originally and exclusively.  In support of laboratory medicine community, our mission is to provide superior quality IVD and CDx products/services with convergence of innovative biotechnology and bioinformatics.
QIAGEN Korea Ltd,. Booth# C1-17 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address Seoul Square 5F, Hangangdaero 416, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2626-5700 Fax +82-2-2626-5705
Website www.qiagen.com E-mail
QIAGEN is the leading global provider of Sample to Insight solutions to transform biological materials into valuable molecular insights. QIAGEN sample technologies isolate and process DNA, RNA and proteins from blood, tissue and other materials. Assay technologies make these biomolecules visible and ready for analysis. Bioinformatics software and knowledge bases interpret data to report relevant, actionable insights. Automation solutions tie these together in seamless and cost-effective molecular testing workflows. QIAGEN provides these workflows to more than 500,000 customers around the world in Molecular Diagnostics (human healthcare), Applied Testing (forensics, veterinary testing and food safety), Pharma (pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies) and Academia (life sciences research). Further information can be found at http://www.qiagen.com.
Product Highlights

GeneReader NGS System

The GeneReader NGS System is the first complete Sample to Insight NGS solution designed for any research lab to deliver actionable results.
- The world’s first truly complete NGS workflow:
Rely on one partner to provide a seamlessly integrated workflow offering ease of use and efficiency from Sample to Insight.
- Actionable insights:
Create relevant reports using QIAGEN’s proven gene panels and bioinformatics.
- Flexibility to fit your needs:
Scalable batch sizes and continuous loading of multiple flow cells enable you to adapt and scale the GeneReader NGS System to match your needs and grow.
- Guaranteed results with predictable costs & Proven expertise and service for our customers


QFT has significant advantages for testing migrant populations:
Accurate / Reliable / Convenient / Cost-effective / Better patient care
Prevent TB in your community – test your patients with QFT
Single visit / Laboratory-based result
DS2 2 Plate Fully Automated ELISA Processor
Smples in, results out solution / two 96-well microplates simultaneously
Seegene Medical Foundation Booth# C1-08 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 320, Cheonho-daero, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Telephone +82-1566-6500 Fax +82-2-3394-6503
Website www.seegenemedical.com E-mail sginfo@mf.seegene.com
Seegene Medical Foundation is a leading reference laboratory in Korea with more than 590 employees consisted of clinical pathologists, MSs, Ph.Ds and laboratory technicians. Our goal is to set global standard in life sciences by providing high quality results for diagnostic tests being referred from hospitals across the country.
SG Medical, Inc. Booth# C1-07 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 2F, Hangil Bldg., 3-11, Ogeum-ro 13-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 138-828, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2240-7040 Fax +82-2-2240-7099
Website www.sgmedical.kr E-mail info@sgmedical.kr
SG Medical, Inc., provides solution in clinical IVD market by trusting partnership with top global companies. As sole distributor of Hitachi - Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Christie Medical Holdings – VeinViewer and distributor of Sekisui – clinical chemistry reagent company, we carry unique strength in clinical diagnostics market. Our future vision toward developing new items and broadening clinical IVD business will lead us to become the No. 1 global healthcare company.
Product Highlights

Hitachi Automatic Analyzer “Labospect 008AS”

Laboratories need to be able to report analysis results quickly and accurately and handle a wide variety of assays. Labospect 008AS combine S module, which enables high-speed processing with cutting-edge technology such as twin high-speed aliquot arms and non-contact ultrasonic mixing and P module, which makes users easy to install reagents. Labospect 008AS performs high-speed processing (more than 2,000 tests per hour) making it easier to report measurement results quickly. Also the target system can be built to suit your needs.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Booth# C1-06 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address #2004, IT Mirae Tower, 33, Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08511, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2027-5400 Fax +82-2-2027-5404
Website www.thermofisher.com E-mail info.korea@phadia.com
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and approximately 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support.
Product Highlights

Phadia 250

Fully automated, Phadia 250 is ideal for the medium-sized laboratories delivering 400 - 2,000 results per week.
-An allergen panel detecting sensitization to 650 allergens and 90 allergen components
-A broad autoimmunity menu covering clinically relevant autoimmunity markers for evaluation of the most common autoimmunity diseases, e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease and connective tissue diseases
-All tests can be measured from one sample
-User-configurable reflex testing functionality

Ion S5 Sequencer, Ion S5 XL Sequencer

Ion S5 Sequencer and Ion S5 XL Sequencer are DNA sequencing devices enable DNA analysis by measuring hydrogen ions released during nucleotide bindings via semi-conductor chips. This device is used to analyze DNA sequences at various specific regions among multiple human genes.
Werfen Booth# C1-33 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address #1101, Hi Brand Bldg., (Living Kwan), Maeheon-ro 16, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06771, Korea
Telephone 1899-9217 Fax +82-2-2155-0571
Website kr.werfen.com E-mail werfenkorea@werfen.com
We are pioneers and developers of IVD testing solutions. We provide high quality systems, reagents and software to labs and hospitals around the world. We strive to enhance care and improve the lives of patients, each and every day. Werfen has become a global leader, thanks to our dedication to Research & Development and a targeted acquisition strategy. Through the years, allowing us to focus on the long-term, and to grow our R&D investment by 10% annually. We are Instrumentation Laboratory, Inova Diagnostics, Biokit and Systelab. We are Werfen.
Product Highlights

ACL™ family

Hemostasis innovation is here Instrumentation Laboratory was the first to automate clot-timing tests, and we are now the world's leading developer of hemostasis testings systems. Our ACL™ family of testing instruments uses advanced optical technology and sets a new standard for precision and operational simplicity, while our HemosIL® reagents are first in flexibility, reliability and accuracy. Using the same system, you can perform routine clotting tests or handle specialty assays with ease. Working with your lab's volumes and demands, we can build a complete testing solution that meets your needs and helps you deliver quality care.


Simplicity for Caregivers and Patients Instrumentation Laboratory's easy-to-use whole blood gas testing technology lets you perform time-sensitive diagnostic tests efficiently and accurately, in the central laboratory or at the point of care. Self-contained, multi-use testing cartridges and iQM®, IL's proprietary Intelligent Quality Management system, automates quality control to assure reliable results with no maintenance. Used worldwide in operating rooms, intensive care units and busy labs, IL's systems set the standard for testing flexibility and convenience. Our GEM® instrument family measures pH, blood gases, CO-Oximetry, electrolytes, metabolites and more, and can provide a comprehensive analysis on a single sample of whole blood. We can put together a complete, integrated solution for on hospital or for a network of providers. With these whole blood immediate-care diagnostic systems, you and your patients get the results you need, when and where you need them most.

QUANTA-Link®, NOVA View®

INOVA is recognized worldwide as a leader in autoimmune disease diagnostics INOVA is dedicated exclusively to autoimmune diagnostics. Our single focus offers you unmatched quality, reliability and value on the most comprehensive range of autoimmune testing reagents available anywhere. Our unique commitment is reflected in the extraordinary level of technical proficiency, product support and in the impeccable service we provide our customers.
ASTA Booth# C1-23 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address AICT Building A, 11th Floor, 145 Gwanggyo-ro, Youngtong-gu, Suwon, 443-270, Korea
Telephone +82-31-888-9596 Fax +82-31-888-9095
Website www.astams.com E-mail jyyang@astams.com
ASTA is a technology-based company that develops and manufactures analytical instruments, equipment for sample preparations, and supplies. In particular, ASTA focuses on the development of MALDI-TOF MS (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer), its applications and supplies including MALDI-plates, matrix spotter and microwave based sample digestion system. Recently, MALDI-TOF has been introduced and widely used in the medical field as a diagnostic technology. ASTA has been developing various MALDI-TOF based medical applications such as cancer diagnosis and micro-organism identification. The glycan pattern analysis of serum proteins by MALDI-TOF, which is a ASTA owned cutting-edge technology, has successfully applied to early diagnosis of ovarian cancer and expanding its applications to other cancers such as breast cancer. In addition, MALDI-TOF based micro-organism identification system has been launched by ASTA and expanding its usages to medical field, agricultural industry and food industry etc.  
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Boditech Med Inc. Booth# C1-12 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 43, Geodudanji 1-gil, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do. 24398, Korea
Telephone +82-33-243-1400 Fax +82-33-243-9373
Website www.boditech.co.kr E-mail sales@boditech.co.kr
Since the establishment in 1998, Boditech Med Inc. has provided high quality in vitro diagnostics analyzers and reagents to customers worldwide. The company has significantly grown at a tremendous rate over the past decade. We are currently committed to providing over 80 countries with two main products: ichromaTM and Hemochroma Plus. We have maintained no. 1 position in reagent sales of a single reagent over the past five years in China. We will continue our efforts to enhance human health and wellness by providing a wider range of diagnostic biomarkers and automated analyzers throughout the world.
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Celemics Inc. Booth# C1-40 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 20F, BYC Highcity Bldg. A, Gasandigital 1-ro 131, Geumchen-gu, Seoul, 153-718, Korea
Telephone +82-2-6746-8067 Fax +82-2-6746-8073
Website www.celemics.com E-mail Support@celemics.com
Celemics is a comprehensive, end to end NGS(Next Generation Sequencing) service provider as well as a NGS Target Enrichment Panel(Kit) manufacturer. Celemics has made significant achievements in the Next Generation Sequencing Industry: 1. Developed and commercialized Europe and Asia's first and only comprehensive Target Enrichment NGS kit. 2. Successfully developed individually synthesized Target Capture Probes with a proprietary rebalancing technology for high coverage and uniformity. 3. Competitive pricing structures which are significantly more cost effective than leading competitors.
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Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Booth# A2-2 (Avenue 2F)
Address Osong Health Technology Administration Complex, 187, Osongsaengmyeong 2-ro, Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, 28159, Korea
Telephone +82-43-719-6524 Fax +82-43-719-6539
Website www.cdc.go.kr E-mail biobank@korea.kr
The Korea Biobank Project (KBP) was initiated in 2008 with the goal of building an infrastructure for supporting the health sciences and related industries in Korea. Toward this goal, the project intended to establish a network of biobanks and implement the systematic collection, management, and distribution of biospecimens among researchers. By the end of Project Phase 1 (2008-2012), KBP had successfully achieved the goal of “acquiring human bioresources from 500,000 Korean participants.”
COMMUGENE Booth# A2-5 (Avenue 2F) P
Address KCC Parktown, 185 Mallijae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 104-702, Korea
Telephone +82-2-363-6863 Fax +82-2-363-6865
Website www.commugene.co.kr E-mail jeonghun@commugene.co.kr
Providing clinical labs and research labs with the following products ; Autoimmune kit,
HLA Typing kit : Sanger Sequencing, NGS, Real-time PCR
PCR&Sequencing reagents and consumables.
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Dong-A ST Booth# C1-20 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 64, Cheonhodaero, Dongdaemungu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2173-7241 Fax +82-2-927-4946
Website www.donga-st.com E-mail hblee@donga.co.kr
Dong-A ST's Diagnostics Division is in charge of selling diagnostics and testing equipment, as well as reagents. It distrubutes the products of Beckton Dickson, Diasorin, Thermofisher, Dirui and Energium, while striving to expand product portfolio to highspeed closed tube sorter, mobile phlebotomy classificaition & labeling system, and some cutting edge IVD products.
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Dongbang POC Co., Ltd. Booth# C1-39 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address Suite 505, Unicorn Bldg., 30 Seolleungro 100 Gil, Gangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea
Telephone +82-2-556-4579 Fax +82-2-556-4581
Website www.dbpoc.co.kr E-mail dbpoc@dbpoc.co.kr
Dongbang POC Co., Ltd. was separated in 2006 as an independent company from Dongbang Healthcare Co., Ltd which has been in medical device industry since 1979. Dongbang POC specializes in Clinical Laboratory medical devices and is currently representing Nova Biomedical(blood gas/electrolyte analyzers) and Arkray (dry chemistry analyzers).
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Dow Biomedica Booth# C1-09 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 6F, Dow Bldg., 29 Yangsan-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Telephone +82-2-2201-3602 Fax +82-2-2201-2166
Website www.dowbiomedica.co.kr E-mail info@dowbiomedica.co.kr
Dow Biomedica Inc. is a marketing specialist of diagnostics rather than logistics company, and focusing on development of new market segments. Dow has been introducing highly innovative technologies or novel biomarkers for the past 12 years through extensive experiences of regulatory affairs, marketing skills and etc. Dow has specialty areas of cancer and infection diagnostics on the basis of innovative technology e.g. PCR, Sequencing and NGS. Number of staffs is 25.
EONE Laboratories Booth# C1-05 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 291 Harmony-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Inchon, 22014, Korea
Telephone +82-32-210-2100 Fax +82-32-210-2233
Website www.eonelab.co.kr E-mail kmh6015@eonelab.co.kr
Founded in 1983, Eone Laboratories has dedicated to improving health care system by introducing a number of leading-edge testing techniques. With a national sales network, we provide accurate and timely results of laboratory tests through rigorous quality control. Based on our knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, Eone will contribite to excellent patient care by providing comprehensive, high quality laboratory testing.
GC Labs Booth# C1-35 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 107, Ihyeon-ro 30beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16924, Korea
Telephone +82-31-260-0607 Fax +82-31-260-9232
Website www.gclabs.co.kr/eng E-mail parkmw@gclabs.co.kr
Green Cross Laboratories (GC Labs) is a Korea’s leading clinical laboratory which provides clinical and anatomic pathology reference testing. GC Labs offer more than 4,000 tests and test combinations, ranging from routine tests to highly esoteric molecular and genetic assays. We continue to acquire the latest technology and machines for clinical testing with strong and open partnerships with world-class laboratories and institutions. With our clients, GC Labs will continue to expand beyond Korea to become a world-leading reference laboratory"
GeneX Booth# C1-27 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address  2F , 105 Baekjegobun-ro Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea 138-863
Telephone +82-2-3432-8555 Fax +82-2-3432-8556
Website www.gene-x.co.kr E-mail minho.kim@gene-x.co.kr
GeneX, established in 2013, provides innovative products from Cepheid as exclusive distributor in Korea. It introduces products related to molecular diagnostics and IVD based on Real-time PCR to medical institutions.
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GENOME CARE CO., LTD Booth# C1-38 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address B1 Floor, B-dong, AICT building, Gwanggyo Technovalley, Gwanggyo-ro 145, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyonggi-do, Republic of Korea 16229
Telephone +82-31-888-9280 Fax +82-31-888-9279
Website genomecare.net/ E-mail genomejenny@genomecare.net
Genome Care was established in November 2012 in order to provide a variety of genetic information for woman & baby through convergence of world-class genomic analysis capabilities and bioinformatics (Bio-informatics) technology. On the basis of outstanding R&D researchers and resourceful global networks, Genome Care is committed to become a global leader in the clinical field of genomics using the NGS technologies. GENOMOM, which is NIPT service of GENOME CARE has been providing fetal trisomy 13, 18 and 21 (Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and Down syndrome) accurately.
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HBI Co., Ltd Booth# C1-21 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 7F. #B, Korea Bio Park, 700, Daewangpangyo-ro Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 463-400 Korea
Telephone +82-31-628-2100 Fax +82-31-628-2108
Website www.hbi21.com E-mail hbidiag@hbidiag.com
HBI is a health care specialized bio venture firm which makes an effort to realize the human health and happiness based on the special technologies in the field of biochemistry and immunology which are hardened for longer than 20 years in the bio engineering industry.
HUMASIS Booth# A2-6 (Avenue 2F)
Address #201. Jeonpa-ro 88, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Telephone +82-31-478-8597 Fax +82-31-478-8586
Website www.humasis.com E-mail question@humasis.com
HUMASIS strives to develop, manufacture, and market IVD for the detection of cardiac markers, fertility hormones, infectious diseases, and tumor markers in rapid tests for home and laboratory use. New quantitative POCT analyzer introduces its new parameters regularly to cover the constantly expanding range of applications. HUMASIS has reached more than 50 countries of distribution worldwide.
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ImmuneMed Inc. Booth# A2-7 (Avenue 2F) P
Address Room#2-2, Bldg#3, ChuncheonBiotown, 32 Soyanggangro, Chuncheonsi, Gangwondo, 24232, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-33-258-6551 Fax +82-33-258-6553
Website www.immunemed.co.kr E-mail jwkang@immunemed.co.kr
ImmuneMed Inc. promises to become a world-trusted company based on creative high-tech intensive research and sound management.
Our mission is on human health and welfare in terms of the treatment of incurable or obstinate diseases.
We, ImmuneMed is an infectious disease diagnostic kit manufacturing company with top quality and particularly focused on the in vitro rapid diagnosis of Acute Febrile Illness(AFI).
With high sensitivity, specificity and differential detection of IgM and IgG on the same kit simultaneously, we manufacture Leptospira, Scrub typhus, and Hanta Rapid Diagnostic Kits using the lateral flow assay.
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infopia Booth# C1-26 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 132, Anyangcheondong-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14040, Korea
Telephone +82-31-460-9946 Fax +82-31-460-9933
Website molecular.infopia21.com/xe/ E-mail yikim@infopia21.com
The division of Molecular Diagnostics at INFOPIA Co., Ltd. Has been investing and researching molecular markers and devices for diagnosis of various disease which may be caused by a bacteria, virus or human genetics. Our commitment to markets, customers and patients we serve simple and convenient solution platform including multiplex assay and automation system to provide reliable and accurate results and time-saving and cost-effective solution.
INSOL Booth# C1-13 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 5F, Manseongjae Bldg, 17, Yangjae-daero 85 gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul, 05408, Korea
Telephone +82-2-404-7990 Fax +82-2-404-7992
Website www.In-Sol.co.kr E-mail sdj@in-sol.co.kr
Insol supplies POCT(Point of care Test) Oraquick Adv, Oraquick HCV to the emergency room, providing HIV and HCV antibody test results of percutaneous injuries within 20 minutes. This offers an infection control, protection of cross-contamination between the patients, preventing infection of medical staff in ER.
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KM Healthcare Corp. Booth# C1-36 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 144, Donggureungro 395 beongil,Guri-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea
Telephone +82-31-570-5700 Fax +82-31-570-5799
Website www.kmhealthcare.co.kr E-mail cmoh@kmbiz.com
KM Healthcare Corp. was founded in 1995, as the first company introducing disposable surgical gowns and drapes in Korea. KM Healthcare is also producing and supplying medical supplies. We will make continuous efforts to develop and expand our products line and business. As a professional company to provide total solution for medical staffs and patients, KM Healthcare promises to realize the real partnership with you.
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KogeneBiotech Booth# A2-3 (Avenue 2F) P
Address C-1101, 168 Gasandigital-ro, Geumcheon-gu, 08507, Seoul
Telephone +82-2-2026-2150 Fax +82-2-2026-2155
Website www.kogene.co.kr E-mail kogene@kogene.co.kr
KogeneBiotech is an on-demand molecular diagnostic company which has 16 years’ experience in the field of the nucleic acid-based test kit. Based on expertise and active technical support, we provide our customer with the state-of–the art Real-time PCR kits of the wide range of parameters which can cover clinical dx, food safety test, and animal health.
KogeneBiotech is founded 2000 in Seoul. Based on the Real-time PCR technologies we were grown as a one of the largest molecular diagnostic company in South Korea. In 2002, KogeneBiotech has become the first company, who adopted the Real-time PCR technology in Korea.
In 2014, KogeneBiotech were earned the industrial service medal of science and technology for Food safety from the Korea government. Following that, Kogene's method and kit were selected as a monitoring system standard method by government.
For MERS-CoV and MTB kits, we were studied with medical institutions and researcher and published journal or paper constantly.
Especially, MERS-CoV kit was developed in 2014 and it has been used to the standard method in 2015 Korea MERS outbreak.
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Kyung Il Medical Inc. Booth# C1-30 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address RM. 1104 Uspace 1 A-dong, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Telephone +82-31-628-1900 Fax +82-31-628-1905
Website www.ki-med.co.kr E-mail jmlee@kyungilhitec.co.kr
Kyung IL Medical has 28 years of experience in medical device and diagnostics industry and we are providing more valuable products in Korea. Kyung IL Medical has made constant efforts to satisfy the customer with ethical management, excellent product and high quality service. We will fulfill our all roles and responsibilities for leading medical device and diagnostics industry consistently.
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Luminex Corporation Korea Booth# C1-28 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address Unit 10, Workshop S-V, 6/F, Valiant Industrial Bldg. 2-12 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, NT, Hong Kong
Telephone Fax
Website www.luminexcorp.com E-mail skim@luminexcorp.com
Luminex is founded in 1995 and Headquartered is located in Austin. Luminex is rapid growth with offices around the world based on serve both the Life Science Research and Diagnostics Markets. Luminex have been partnership with 60 companies related of Life science and provided bead material and instrument for multiplex analysis. Luminex have developed IVD product as like GPP and RVP product in focus on multiplex technology by itself and tried to help accurate and rapid diagnosis.
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Merck Ltd. Korea Booth# C1-22 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 4 Floor Haesung-2-Bldg, 508 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Telephone +82-2-2185-3800 Fax +82-2-2185-3830
Website www.merckgroup.com E-mail Webmaster.MKOR@merckgroup.com
Founded in Darmstadt, Germany in 1668 by Friedrich Jacob Merck, we are the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. Over the course of nearly 350 years, we have become a truly global company. Our approximately 50,000 employees work in 66 countries and are united by their passion for new ideas, the possibilities of technology, and the potential to make a difference in the world. We are known as Merck internationally. In the United States and Canada, however, we operate as EMD Serono in the Biopharma business, as MilliporeSigma in the Life Science business, and as EMD Performance Materials n the materials business.
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Nanobiz Co., Ltd. Booth# A2-4 (Avenue 2F) P
Address #205, 3dong Business Center, Gwangju Techno Park, 958-3 Daechon-Dong, Buk-gu Gwangju, 500-706, Korea
Telephone +82-62-9735061 Fax +82-62-9735063
Website www.nanobiz.co.kr E-mail apffnd88@nanobiz.co.kr
NanoBiz is an emerging startup in diagnostic area and in advanced stage of development with a lab-on-a-chip technology of diagnostic products that integrate microfluidics and micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS). This unique technology will provide fast, cost-effective and reliable clinical information to clients in medical and research area. NanoBiz will also provide not only comprehensive products but heart-touching services to clients worldwide soon.
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National Culture Collection for Pathogens Booth# A2-1 (Avenue 2F)
Address Pathogen Resource TF 200 Osongsaengmyeong2-ro, Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do 28160, Korea
Telephone +82-43-719-6670 Fax +82-43-719-6680
Website http://nccpbank.cdc.go.kr E-mail nccpbank@korea.kr
NCCP has been established as the sole national resource bank in korea in order to promote biomedical and public health sciences and provide researchers with various high-quality clinical pathogens isolated and standardized from Korean patients.
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Booth# C1-19 (Convention Center 1F)
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Address (Twincity Namsan, Dongjadong), 3F/ 366, Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone +82-2-6222-3535 Fax +82-2-6222-3599
Website www.orthoclinical.com E-mail Dylan.jung@orthoclinicaldiagnostics.com
Harnessing the power of reimagination. It’s how Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has been transforming in vitro diagnostics for more than 75 years. It’s made us a trusted partner of hospitals, hospital networks, blood banks, and labs around the world. And today it’s empowering us to advise our customers as they prepare for what’s next.   From our earliest work in blood typing to the latest developments in laboratory systems, we’ve pioneered life-impacting advances. Scientific advances that have helped medical professionals diagnose conditions early and make better-informed treatment decisions. Our legacy inspires us every day and continues to drive us forward.
ProteomeTech Inc. Booth# C1-24 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address B202 Yonsei Dairy Bldg., 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03722, Korea
Telephone +82-2-323-8342 Fax +82-2-323-8379
Website www.proteometech.com E-mail protia@proteometech.com
ProteomeTech Inc. is a biotech company developing immuno-diagnostic products and providing proteomics-based R&D services. We have accumulated proteomics-related technologies since 2000.

  ProteomeTech Inc. has several innovative IVD products.
All of Proteometech’s products, Allergy-Q, ImmuneCheck IgG and TriCheck, are world-first products and are being reputed a great success in Korea and the exporting countries.

  PROTIA Allergy-Q is allergy diagnostic kit detecting up to over 60 allergens in a single test, ImmuneCheck IgG is quantitative rapid immunoassay kit for measuring total human IgG concentration in whole blood or serum and TriCheck is pregnancy test that overcome false negative at high concentration of hCG and hCGβcf
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RADIOMETER KOREA Booth# C1-32 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 15F, Eunsung Bldg., 741, Yeoungdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-763, Korea
Telephone +82-2-2056-9300 Fax +82-2-512-2991
Website www.radiometer.com E-mail info@radiometer.kr
Radiometer develops, manufactures and markets solutions for blood sampling, blood gas analysis, transcutaneous monitoring, immunoassay testing and related IT management systems under the ABL, AQT, TCM, RADIANCE, AQURE, PICO, CLINITUBES and QUALICHECK brand names. Founded in 1935 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Radiometer was a pioneer in blood gas testing, introducing the world’s first commercially available blood gas analyzer in 1954. Today, Radiometer’s products and solutions are used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories in over 130 countries, to provide information on the most critical parameters in acute care testing.
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RAPHAMEDICS Booth# C1-31 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 5F, Heawon Bldg., 154, Simin-ro, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Telephone +82-70-7792-9843 Fax +82-31-852-9843
Website www.raphamd.co.kr E-mail inform@raphamd.co.kr
The RAPHAMEDICS CORPORATION imports Special Biochemistry Items & Clinical Quality Control Materials etc. from specialized corporations against rapidly changing In Vitro Diagnostic Market and supplies the items to domestic diagnostic market. We are handling Special Items which Global Companies of In Vitro Diagnostics do not have and AMR Validation Materials as Clinical Quality Control Item of Diagnostic Laboratories including total items such as chemistries and immunoassay etc. Moreover, the novel items are being researched and developed consistently in annexed laboratory established in 2015. The RAPHAMEDICS CORPORATION will do our best for customer satisfaction against global changing of invitro diagnostics.
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R-Biopharm Korea Booth# C1-34 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 1106, 285, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone +82-2-6959-0115 Fax +82-70-8220-6616
Website www.r-biopharm.com E-mail sykwon@r-biopharm.co.kr
R-Biopharm is a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics. Since 1988, we have developed innovative products and pioneering solutions of the highest quality, safety and efficiency in Darmstadt. We are leaders in the infectiological stool diagnostics, especially for a rapid detection of noroviruses. Our validated test systems for serological infection, allergy and molecular diagnostics and gastroenterology are generally characterized by a simple handling
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SAMIL Pharmacy & Trading Co. Ltd Booth# C1-10 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 230, Sangdo-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 06964, Korea
Telephone +82-2-813-2351 Fax +82-2-814-2229
Website www.samilpt.com E-mail hwk3690@daum.net
Since 1967, along with the Korean medical diagnostics, the company has grown to be the leader of the market in supplying medical products. Samil P&T offers customers a variety range of high quality reagent and analytical instruments as well as reliable technical service to enable integrated clinical laboratory workflow solution possible. Samil Bioscience will provide a complete portfolio of research laboratory equipments, reagents, chemical supplies with high quality technical service used in scientific research, healthcare and science education.
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Seoul Clinical Laboratories Booth# C1-37 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 13, Heungdeok 1-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Telephone +82-1800-0119 Fax +82-2-790-6509
Website www.scllab.co.kr E-mail
Seoul Clinical Laboratories, a clinical diagnostic laboratory founded in 1983, is the first referral laboratory in Korea to receive accreditation from the CAP. By endeavoring to fulfill its core values, ‘Quality, Service and Research’, SCL has developed into the largest nationwide laboratory with the best reputation in the reference laboratory field in Korea. SCL provides a wide variety of specialized laboratory assays and cutting edge research tests to over 4,500 medical institutions nationwide. SCL intends to increase its presence as the world class reference laboratory by providing precise test results and high quality customer-oriented services to medical practitioners throughout the world, as well as throughout Korea.
SS medipia Booth# C1-25 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address 1st Floor, 81-Gil, Nonhyun-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
Telephone +82-552-1951 Fax +82-552-1972
Website E-mail ssmedipia@hotmail.com
Day in, day out, Stago is committed to enhancing healthcare quality by offering laboratories advanced testing systems and superior services, the fruit of our Haemostasis expertise and know-how (reagents, instruments, disposables and data management). With over 350 marketed products, Stago is a worldwide reference in Haemostasis and a 1st class partner for biomedical laboratories. Specialised in the fields of Haemostasis and Thrombosis, Stago invests in research and innovation to develop new and better performing reagents, systems and solutions. With 50 years of experience, Stago has acquired a charismatic image in Haemostasis and is well recognised among the international scientific world.
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UNIONLAB INC. Booth# C1-41 (Convention Center 1F) P
Address Hwacheon Bldg. 2nd floor, 16, Dongsan-ro 6-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-897 SOUTH KOREA
Telephone +82-2-529-7492 Fax +82-2-529-7495
Website www.unionlab.co.kr E-mail hscho@unionlab.co.kr
Since its establishment in 1999, as one of the most capable diagnostic distributors in Korea, UnionLab Inc. has been importing and distributing quality diagnostic products from global manufacturing partners. Our mission is to supply the best in class quality products to our valuable customers by cooperation with excellent diagnostic manufacturers all over the world. Through this creation of values we have been contributing to our customers and to the development of laboratory medicine society of Korea.  UnionLab Inc. is representing Diagnostic Grifols for transfusion medicine, Fujirebio-Europe for Neuro diagnostics and human HLA, MP Biomedicals for infectious disease, Hanil Komed for micribiology culture media, bioMerieux for Etest, CerTest Biotec for Rapid infectious diagnosis, MKL for bacterial identification, Copan Floqtechnology for transport medium and swab system, etc.
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WOONGBEE MeDiTech, Inc. Booth# C1-29 (Convention Center 1F)
Address 1309 Biz Center, SKn TECHNO PARK 190-1 Sangdaewon-1 Dong, Jungwon-Ku, Seongnam-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea
Telephone 82-31-776-3300 Fax 82-31-776-3303
Website www.woongbee.com E-mail Woongbee@woongbee.com
1.Brave Pioneer of new IVD assay and Clinical research kits
2.Successful Promoter of New IVD and Clinical Research items upto for Immulology regulation and Stem Cell application
3.Very specialized and experienced with Novel Immunology, Genotyping, Real Time PCR, MultiPlexing, Sequencing, etc.
4.A lot of experience of Introduction, Registration, Promotion, Reimbursement, Performance evidence, etc.
5.Full-Dedication to the Specific Diseases , their KOLs, and Key customers for both Clin.Res. n IVD
6.Vision and Enthusiasm for IVD market  Revolution, Personalized Medicine
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