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The Korean Society of Pathologists, mother society of the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine (KSLM) was inaugurated on October 1st, 1946 by 20 some pioneers in Seoul. And its first Congress was held in 1949 and their contribution to medical advancement was evident in diagnosis of cancer and malignant neoplasm. Clinical Pathology (Laboratory Medicine) was incorporated as the 2nd Division of the Korean Society of Pathologists in 1960. In 1963, 49 clinical pathologists were certified by the board (Korean government).

To cope with the trend of specialization, to meet the needs of clinicians, to contribute to advancement in the fields of laboratory medicine and to train well qualified and capable clinical pathologists, the Korean Society for Clinical Pathologists (KSCP) was founded in 1980 with 98 charter members, which started the new era of complementary relationship between the Korean Society of Pathologists and Korean Society for Clinical Pathologists (now, KSLM). And the Korean Society for Clinical Pathologists was approved as an official professional society by the Korean Medical Association in 1981.

Contribute to the development of medical science and global public health through the development of laboratory medicine
  • Practice) Support the best clinical practice through professional, accurate, and timely diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Education) Train clinical pathologists and provide appropriate information of relevant laboratory tests to medical and paramedical professionals as well as the general public
  • Research) Play a leading role in laboratory medicine worldwide through academic activities and research and development
  • Service) Live a happy life by serving our community and the world with reliable laboratory tests, and proper communication leading to harmony among clinical pathologists and other healthcare professionals